Lodrocoin is a new cryptocurrency backed by art. Each Lodrocoin is backed by limited edition woodblock prints, and the quantity of Lodrocoin is restricted by the amount of Lodrocoin prints that exist. The first series of Lodrocoin has 100 4”x6” prints each backing 1 Lodrocoin and 20 8”x10” prints each backing 10 Lodrocoin, for a total of 300 Lodrocoin.

These prints play a critical role during Lodrocoin transactions, as Lodrocoin is the first cryptocurrency to use a radical proof-of-art-ownership protocol. Using this protocol, transactions are recorded in the centralized ledger and the chain of transactions recorded provides a provenance for the art backing the Lodrocoin. The effect of this whole system is that this is the first art that builds its own chain of ownership, and therefore this is the first art that proves its own provenance.

You can read in detail about the protocol and how Lodrocoin works at the Lodrocoin Whitepaper.

To get Lodrocoin what you have to do is first get a piece of Lodrocoin art. Using Lodrocoin’s proof-of-art-ownership transaction protocol you can transfer the Lodrocoin that the art backs into your name.

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Lodrocoin by Claudiu Lodromanean – 2018