Lodrocoin is an exciting cryptocurrency backed by art! It uses a revolutionary new proof-of-art-ownership transaction protocol.

Edition of 20.

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Each Lodrocoin is backed by a print, and these prints both limit the supply of Lodrocoin in existence and provide value to Lodrocoin. Using Lodrocoin’s transaction protocol and one of these prints you can transfer the Lodrocoin that it backs into your name.

Quick links:

Learn more about Lodrocoin.
Read the whitepaper.
View the Lodrocoin ledger.

Important notes:

  • Once a print is purchased and received you will have to us the proof-of-art-ownership transaction protocol described in the whitepaper to transfer the Lodrocoin into your name. It’s very straightforward and can be done on any regular smartphone using no special software.
  • Due to the nature of the woodblock printing process used to make the prints, each print will look like the images here but will be unique in how the ink has applied to the paper.

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